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(Ghana) Has Shatta Wale earned a VGMA 2017 nomination ?

Kanye West would be so proud!

Since winning big at the 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has lost out on subsequent awards, regardless of how consistent and relevant he’s been in the last three years.

There have been a huge public interest in the issue of whether or not the board of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) would or should accept dancehall musician Shatta Wale’s entry and nominate him in any of the categories for this year’s awards.

The interest in this one issue has been so keen that it even smacks of railroading the board into coming out with a statement on the matter. A board that is yet to meet since the last VGMA was over is being stampeded to make a declaration.

Presenters on the radio have  made the claim that event organizers Charterhouse and the board or rather Charterhouse is using the board to deliberately stall any announcement on the matter just so the awards would gain publicity the more the issue drags and people talk about it.

“I will not submit my works for (2017) Vodafone Ghana Music Awards,” said Shatta Wale. “They [Charterhouse] rejected my submission last year so I won’t submit next year,” he added.
For instance, the editorial in last Monday’s issue of Graphic Showbiz urged, radio panelist argued that if the board finally comes round with a decision and that decision is to not allow Shatta Wale to contest or does not accept his entry for nomination, it will be suicidal to the awards.

In any case he did not take part in VGMA 2016 and on the said night of the event he held a concert at Korle Gonno where his friend and fellow musician Sarkodie, who also had issues with the organizers over payment to perform, showed up to express his solidarity.

He asked not to be nominated, he wasn’t, on the night of the event he played a show elsewhere and the music awards did not die that year despite many doom mongering ahead of that.

Shatta Wale has been slapped with an indefinite ban from Ghana Music Awards by Charterhouse Ghana, the organisers of the annual awards scheme. Even though Shatta Wale had a good year in 2015, the organisers turned down his submission for the recently held awards ceremony.

Since he came back on the Ghanaian music scene with a new moniker different from the Bandana we knew previously, Shatta Wale has been a huge force on the scene and especially so around the annual VGMA. His initial burst up was with Kakie and Charterhouse when the young lady won the dancehall category award he felt should have gone to him, the self-proclaimed ‘Dacehall King‘.

The insults to both Kakie and the organizers were serious, some very high in the unprintable words category. It did not just end with words on social media, but he went to the studio to put together a few words in a song directed at Charterhouse. In effect he said he did not need their awards.

There was however a turn of events as he took back the words he rained against Kakie and apologized, he also apologized to Charterhouse at the very death of that year (2013). Some people argued that the apology was not good enough and that he should not be nominated for any award in the 2014 edition of the VGMA.

Shatta Wale and his management last year started a process to reconcile with the Organizers but attempts to finalize the reconciliatory process failed since Organizers of the Awards (Charter House) on several occasions failed to honour the invitation.

Some other people,  argued that you don’t hold a man too much over something he had apologized for and shown open remorse to in no better place than the platform of Ghana Rocks, a Charterhouse event. Shatta Wale also had done well that year and he needed to be rewarded.

That night at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), the home of VGMA, the person whose song would win the Song of the Year and who would pick the most coveted award on the night, the Artiste of the Year, did not show up. It was after the awards were over that he was seen in the vicinity of the AICC, claiming he was returning from a party and passed by that place.

He went on to make a song to lambast the awards again and also made the statement he made previously and apologized that he did not need the awards. During the days that led to the 2015 VGMA, Shatta Wale came out to ask the organizers not to nominate him and that if they did nominate he would sue them.

This was as a result of a pending court case between the artiste and Charterhouse over a video he posted on social media that the latter felt was defamatory to their CEO and the company. They sued him for GHC10,000,000.

Following that and a couple of months after the VGMA event last year he tweeted that he was selling his awards. His tweet on July 1, 2015 said “am selling da VGMA one all 3 for 2cedis.” His manager at the time, Bull Dog gave further explanation to this tweet when he said on radio that they did not value the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and the reason his artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah was selling the plaques he had won from the previous year’s event.

The 18th edition of the Awards is scheduled for April 2017 and the ‘Kakai’ hitmaker is sure to miss out again, irrespective of how well he performed in the year under review.

This perhaps was the last straw of the many insults that Shatta Wale had directed at the nation’s biggest entertainment event. He reduced what many people in the music industry look forward to every year and hope their hard work would be crowned with.

Shatta Wale again issued an apology sometime in the year (August to be precise), a blanket apology he said was inspired by his new born son, Majesty. The apology was directed towards other musicians he had had previous issues with Samini and Stonebwoy on one hand and his nemesis for three years Charterhouse on the other.

“I want the world to know that any time you wrong somebody you need to let the world know that you are sorry and that is what I’m doing, I’m not doing this for any publicity stunts,” he told Hitz FM’s Amanda Jissih in an interview.

The board of the Ghana Music Awards is made of people who can make a decision on their own and I believe they will make a decision one way or the other. Everybody on that board has just one vote and each would exercise it when it comes to making any decision, including whether or not Shatta Wale should be nominated.

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