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(Malawi) Madonna Gets Court Approval to Adopt Two More Children From Malawi

How many kids has she adopted now ?

Queen of pop, Madonna, will be adopting two more children from Malawi. This was confirmed by Mlenga Mvula, a spokesman for Malawi’s judiciary who revealed that the country’s High Court made the ruling Tuesday.

Madonna, 58, already adopted two Malawian children, David Banda and Mercy James in 2006 and 2009. This is in addition to her two biological children, Lourdes and Rocco.

Madonna who was inside the courtroom when the approval ruling was delivered was reportedly very happy with the ruling and could be seen smiling. One of the conditions of the adoption is a home survey report which the court ordered Madonna to provide within a year.

The La Isla Bonita singer previously denied reports that she wanted to adopt again after she visited Malawi last month, saying her trip was for her charity work.

Madonna’s previous adoptions stirred anger among some Malawians who accused the government of allowing the pop star to skirt laws that ban non-residents from adopting children.

A lawyer for Madonna in Malawi, Titus Mvalo said Madonna has demonstrated over the years that “she has passion for Malawi and her children, ” and therefore the High Court was “satisfied ” that she is suitable to forthe adoption of the twins.

Dominic Misomali, a government-appointed guardian, will travel with Madonna, Stella and Esther to the US and observe how she looks after them, before reporting back to the government.




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