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(Kenya) Yet Another American TV Show Picks STL’s Song as Soundtrack

More Life, Kenyan Power!

American TV shows seem to be falling over themselves for songs by Kenyan-Norwegian musician Stella Mwangi better known as STL.

Just days after her song was featured as a soundtrack in Being Mary Jane, another TV show has picked up her song.

Now, Fox Networks have clinched the publishing rights to STL ‘ s single Get Up & Go off the EP (Extended-Play) Big Girl to feature as a soundtrack on the second season of Rosewood.

The song will appear on Episode 15 titled “ Clavicle Trauma and Closure ” to be aired this Friday, February 10, 2017.

This deal makes STL one of the most successful East African artistes in the business of music licensing in Hollywood. This will be her second music project from her EP to be featured on a Hollywood project. Not to mention her single ‘Work’ got the nod to be feature in the new Reebok Classic campaign earlier this month!

Rosewood revolves around a brilliant private pathologist Dr Beaumont Rosewood (Morris Chestnut) who uses his sophisticated lab to perform autopsies for the Miami Police Department, while uncovering clues unseen by its staff.

STL’s first single Big Girl was featured on an American production company that specialises in producing TV and YouTube content on the freshest car, motorsports, supercars, auto news and car and prank videos every week called Donut Media .

STL’s EP is a fusion of songs with high energy where she continues to create a diverse sound, fusing Swahili and English while remaining authentic to her African origin and style.

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