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(South Africa) GE Announces Partnership With Transnet To Digitise African Transport

Say Hello to the Future!

GE Transport and Transnet, South African-based freight logistics chain have entered a digital partnership to seamlessly connect shippers and transport operators in streamlining pricing and capacity on the network, shipment planning, fuel costs savings and delivering goods to the market more effectively.

GE Global Chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt said: “The digital partnership we’re embarking on with Transnet will not only improve Africa’s transport sector, but unlock enormous opportunities for the supply chain fuelling Africa’s economy.”

Siyabonga Gama, Transnet’s Group Chief Executive said: “Disruptive innovation has become the new buzzword for good reason. Innovation creates new markets and fundamentally changes the way we live and work. The partnership with GE Transport is helping us to create a new industry and develop new skills that have the potential to transform the world as we know it.”

As a global digital industrial leader and supplier of equipment, services and solutions to the rail, mining, marine, power and drilling industries, GE Transport will assist Transnet to deliver goods and services with greater speed and efficiency through the provision of essential data required through Predix – GE’s cloud-based operating system for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The timing of this initiative falls in line with the robust growth taking place across Africa. Since 1995, Africa’s trade has nearly doubled, placing immense logistical pressure on existing transport infrastructure.

As it stands, managing the various transport routes and developing new infrastructure is laborious. GE’s innovative solution will bring simplicity to payment processes, goods management, customs inspections and reduce the burden of a paper-based environment.

GE is encouraging development across the sectors of aviation, healthcare, transport and power as sectors that are increasingly being inhabited by software companies, technology companies and industrial companies.

“This partnership is GE’s opportunity to take the new technology that we will develop in South Africa and introduce it to the rest of Africa,” said Immelt.

Digitalisation in Africa is essential to driving growth on the continent. It plays a significant role in stimulating inter-Africa trade.

This isn’t the first time GE and Transnet have worked together. The two entities have partnered since 2009 to manufacture and deliver more than 230 Evolution Series diesel electric locomotives, including the “most African” locomotive, which featured 55% locally produced content.

“We have a rich history of partnership with Transnet, and are excited to continue working with them to unlock game-changing potential for the local supply chain that is at the heart of Africa’s global economy,” said Immelt.

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