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(South Africa) AKA defends President Zuma State of Nation Address

A Man gotta stand for Something!

While South Africans are still trying to come to terms with the massive chaos that erupted at 2017 SONA on Thursday evening, rapper AKA has rallied behind President Jacob Zuma. As we all expected, there was a heated debate on Twitter while president Zuma gave his State of the Nation Address. In addition to the #SONA2017 topping the trends list, some Twitter users used the opportunity to criticise the president. The issue of deploying the military outside of Parliament was also trashed to the core.

Notwithstanding, AKA hit back at his followers for ignoring what he claimed are the real issues. He accused them of not really paying any attention to the 2017 SONA.

Again, the rapper who has always been an ANC fan went on to defend Zuma, saying that the president has done more for black empowerment than any other president.

AKA also admitted that he has “flourished” during Zuma’s presidency. Apparently, this administration has helped his career grow and he’s grateful for that.

Consequently, his myriad of tweets ruffled a few feathers and Twitter quickly dragged him over his comments. But trust AKA to to hit back with a spicy clapback. He told fans that the money he got from the ANC so far cannot even compare to what he would normally make in one gig.

AKA’s comments got a lot of his followers angry and they didn’t waste any time in telling him off. Messages and memes flooded his page describing him as “arrogant” and “corrupt.”

And though he felt the hate, the rapper still had to drop one piece of advice for his haters. He urged them to be happy and make it happen for themselves without relying on anybody for assistance.

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