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(South Africa) Ambitiouz Ent Artists’ Quit Label Over Contract Dispute

More Record Label Drama!

These reports come just under a week before the Metro FM Awards take place in Durban. A Reece and B3nchmarq have been nominated at the prestigious ceremony.

On Friday afternoon, A Reece took to Twitter to share with his fans that he was leaving Ambitiouz, without divulging more information on the reasons he was leaving.

“To whom this may concern the most: The fans. I would like to say that I’m no longer a part of @AmbitiouzEnt as of now moving forward,” he wrote.

Fifi Cooper also announced her departure from the stable through her Instagram account.

“Yoh listen, note that I am no longer an @ambitiouz_entertainment artist. It’s been good but all good things come to an end. Fifi Nation, still yours the whole time. . . I’ve decided to push Fifi Cooper under fificooper’s Record Label MòCooper Records. I’ve learned I’m ready and it’s TIME!!!!”

Fifi’s label mate and one half of B3nchmarq P Jay also followed suit and announced that B3nchmarq has parted ways with Ambitiouz “To the #TamatiGang. We would like to say that we’re no longer part of #AmbitiouzEnt as of now moving forward.”

The reason for their departure is not yet clear and Ambitiouz Entertainment has not commented on the matter so far. Since then, in a series of tweets, the label has criticised B3nchmarq, saying he had been a “financial loss” after many failed attempts to push his music.

It further said it would release a statement regarding Fifi Cooper and A Reece. The matter might be taken to the courts, it said.

Following B3nchmarq, A Reece and Fifi Cooper’s departure from record label Ambitiouz on Friday, Twitter has been dragging rapper Emtee, accusing him of betraying his fellow artists for not following suit.

Even B3nchmarq tweeted Emtee, expressing his disappointment at him for putting “your soul on auction like this”.

Emtee has, however, hit back at his critics, saying his father taught him to finish whatever he started, and laying down a marker that he was not going anywhere.

“My parents are proud of me. Avery [his daughter] will know how to swim in a few days, @african_trap [his record label] is a functioning company. They mad,” he responded to his critics.

The record label has been accused of buying Emtee a house and car to make him stay on board and thus make other artists seem “ungrateful”.

However, the Roll Up hit maker has dismissed the claims, saying he bought not only himself, but his family and friends, a house.

In the early hours of Sunday morning teenage rap sensation A Reece released a song explaining why he parted ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment. The name of the track is titled Loyal and social media has been abuzz since it dropped. Loyal is produced by Mash Beats who also left the record label.

A Reece, who recently won the award for Lyricist Of The Year at the South African Hip Hop Awards hinted that Ambitiouz Entertainment artists don’t get to keep their awards after winning them “Where the F do are awards stay at?” He went on say that he was being payed less than R20 000 at the label. He also mentioned that the publicists are buying cars before the musicians at Ambitiouz.

Fifi Cooper has been shown the door by her no-nonsense boss Kgosi Mahumapelo of Ambitiouz Records allegedly for disrespecting him, bringing the name of the company into disrepute, going AWOL and disrespecting her colleagues, amongst others.

“I was involved in a car accident and asked him to give me an advance but he told me that he didn’t have a budget for me. If you say you didn’t get money you invested in me why is that my problem because as a businessman you take risks; business is all about risks,” she said.

Three record label employees who didn’t want to be named, confirmed Fifi Cooper had been pink-slipped for bringing the name of the label into disrepute, going AWOL, disrespecting Mahumapelo and her colleagues and bunking studio sessions.

An employee, who was closed to the Kuze Kuse hit-maker, said Fifi Cooper failed on several occasions to pitch for promo interviews and gigs that she was paid to perform at.

“She doesn’t come to studios to record. She has recorded only three songs the entire year and is forever demanding money from our boss. At some stage she phoned Kgosi and said she wanted R40000 to fix her brother’s car she crashed.”

Meanwhile, ROG Music Africa  learnt that Mahumapelo was taking legal action against his artist A-Reece for breach of contract. This after the artist left the stable last week despite his three-year contract still being in force.

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