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(Nigeria) Photographer Merges Scenes From Lagos with Other World Cities

Lagos to the World!

Lagos is an amazing city, no matter what you have heard. This is truly the only city in the world where if you make it, you can make it anywhere – if you have heard that about another place, its exaggeration.

Photographer Wonuola Lawal must have been inspired by this awesomeness and uniqueness of Africa’s most populous city to merge images of Lagos scenes with other famous cities around the world.

In a photography series she titles The Displacement Series, Lawal wrote on Instagram:

”I took a photography class for two months in the beginning of the year and I had this idea for a series but I didn’t think it would be possible for me to do because my skills were limited at the time. When it came to doing my final project I thought to give the idea another try and here we are.”

In this series, I will be combining pictures I’ve taken in Lagos with pictures I’ve taken in other parts of the world. It was not easy doing this and it still isn’t easy but I would like to share these pictures because of how important they are to me.

She further explains that, “The Displacement Series is the fusion of pictures from Lagos, Nigeria with pictures from other parts of the world to create another story.”

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