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(South Africa) ‘Our contract with Riky Rick remains in place’ – Mabala Noise

Read Your Contracts Over and Over again Young World!

After making waves at the Metro FM Music Awards with a controversial speech in which he trashed the local music industry, Cape Town rap star Riky Rick confirmed yesterday that he is no longer part of Mabala Noise.

The 29-year-old wrote: “After long prayer and conversation with God, I am no longer part of @Mabala_Noise Blessings to everyone there. Thank you for the love.”

South African Media reached out to Mabala Noise’s chairperson Reggie Nkabinde and PR head, Hloni ‘Mhlo’ Gumede for comment. Gumede then added that Riky has a contract with Mabala Noise, which means he can’t just up and leave.

Hloni said the following, “Riky is still a part of Mabala Noise. We cannot control what Riky says on social media but he has signed a contract that is valid for the next 3 years.”

Gumede explained that if the star wishes to leave, he may – but only if he honours his contract, puts his pride aside and communicates with the record label effectively rather than through social media.

“We would never keep him signed against his will, but he hasn’t tried to talk to us to say he wants to leave,” he said. “If he did, we’d look at the clauses and see what he still owes us, and vice versa, then resolve the matter.”

“Remember we have a contract in place? If you are asking me if the contract has been terminated or there is an amicable split between Riky Rick and the company where we sat down and discussed him leaving, the answer is no there has not been those sort of talks. We have a contract with Riky Rick that is still very much in place.”

“That door is open to him, but he must sit down with the company. He can’t go to Twitter; he didn’t sign his contract on Twitter – he signed it in our offices, which is where he should go if he has any issues.”

Following Riky Rick dropping a bombshell that he is no longer part of Mabala Noise, the record label has denied that he has terminated his contract with them.

This follows the news last week that Riky was not included in the line-up for Mabala Noise’s concert to celebrate their wins at The Metro FM Awards.

According to a close source, Mabala Noise has demanded that the rapper return the luxury vehicle they bought him and pay back the money given to him as an advance. This is said to amount to more than R12 000 000.

“At this point they have taken back what they think makes me happy. They have threatened the future of me and my family. They want us gone.”

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