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(UK) Diplo Breaks Ground With A Five-Stop Tour In Africa

Africa to the World!

Diplo will continue his reign over the EDM world by breaking more global ground for electronic music this coming April. He’s about to make history yet again with a five-stop tour in Africa which without a doubt will broaden the area’s music scene.

The news was confirmed on the 23rd of March, when he tweeted his excitement. Over the course of 10 days, Diplo will perform in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

In 2014, Diplo and his trio Major Lazer, with Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, delivered two amazing sets in South Africa as part of the Mad Decent Block Party. Both Cape Town and Johannesburg stops were huge successes, quite possibly influencing Diplo’s return.

Now, Diplo will be traveling to multiple festivals, such as Kenya Nights and Gidi Culture Festival. His animated, dance-heavy sound that people have come to love will radiate across the entire African continent.

South Africa stands out as the major market in Africa with artists involved in the international EDM scene. This includes the duo Die Antwoord, who worked with Diplo on the song Evil Boy, and Sibot who is garnering attention for his impressive live acts with assortments of synthesizers, mixing effects, and drum pads.

However, with this tour, the electronic music scene in Africa will be spread tremendously. People from all different backgrounds will have the chance to lose themselves in the music and admire the good vibes, even if they’re not familiar with Diplo himself.

Diplo came into spotlight when he began working with M.I.A. on various albums, ultimately producing the Grammy nominated hit Paper Planes. Next, came the start of Major Lazer and production of the touring show Mad Decent Block Party, with a variety of stops all across the globe. Diplo also collaborated with Skrillex, forming the Grammy award winning group Jack Ü.

Throughout his career, Diplo has had the luxury of teaming up with many other worldwide pop stars including Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Beyonce.

To learn more about Diplo’s African tour, take a look at the Facebook event pages for Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Africa. If you have the ambition to travel to Africa and witness this unique tour, make sure to consider these these 3 things before booking a trip to an international music festival.

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