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(A.Y.E) Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs, Becomes Largest Entrepreneurship Network On Earth

Africa to the World!

The Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) is now the largest entrepreneurship network in the world. The declaration was made recently by the Global Entrepreneurship Institute, a global reputable body based in Washington DC in the United States of America.

The institute, in a statement, said that A.Y.E. through a systematic research process, emerged the largest entrepreneurship network, with membership totaling over 12.6 million entrepreneurs. A.Y.E. which was founded by a young Nigerian; Summy Smart Francis beat several other entrepreneurship platforms around the world to emerge the largest global entrepreneurship network.

Since its inception, the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs, also known as A.Y.E achieved this laudable feat through its innovative global entrepreneurship programmes which includes Harvest Africa (A program that showcases investment opportunities in Africa),

AYEEP (Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Program), AYESA (Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Student Association), MY MENTOR & ME (an online mentorship platform) /, WBC (Web Business Campaign, a platform where entrepreneurs showcase their businesses to angel investors) wbc.ayeonline.org,

AYEEN, a division of AYEEP is an annual empowerment program where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses/ideas to seasoned business experts for grants, training and equipment and also the newly launched A.Y.E Entrepreneurship Reality Television Show, transmitted on 10 satellite and terrestrial stations viewed by over 60 million viewers across Africa and Globally.

A.Y.E. Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) is now the largest entrepreneurship network in the world was also recognized as having the foremost entrepreneurship empowerment platforms in Africa. This position has been consolidated with the recent launch of Africa’s first entrepreneur software application; the AYE APP. The app is engendering a connection of African entrepreneurs by effectively creating a more closely-knit business interaction and networking.

African leaders and foremost economists have commended the achievements of A.Y.E. which they say, has become the pride of Africa. They also canvassed a greater collaboration between private and public sector to drive the continent into economic prosperity by working with Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs. Africa will be great if there is greater economic development when its constituent countries work closely together as epitomized in A.Y.E’s slogan which states: “IF YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS MUCH ALONE; HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE ACHIEVE TOGETHER”.

Other projects embarked on by A.Y.E to develop and empower Africa includes Empower Borno, an humanitarian project in partnership with the Borno State Government in Nigeria for the empowerment and redevelopment of the internally displaced persons in the North Eastern part of Nigeria due to the Boko Haram insurgency. Also launched early this year is the New Generation Movement to promote good governance and leadership.

Their future projects are Africa’s Entrepreneurship University (AEU) and the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development to be built in partnership with respective State Governments across Africa. It is indeed a great pride that A.Y.E is born of Africa, for Africans and by Africans!

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