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(Somalia) Poet Deqa Nuux Yonis Wins BBC Award

So Much Creative on the horn of Africa!

Deqa Nuux Yonis has won the BBC Somali Young Female Poet award as the broadcaster celebrated its 60 years of service in the Horn of Africa country.

Ms Yonis won a poem writing competition sponsored by the broadcaster. Other finalists were Farhiya Adan Yusuf and Shugri Jamac Ibraahim who were selected from all Somali-speaking regions.

The broadcaster was hailed as among others that have over the years put the war ravage country on the international map attracting attention by various interest groups including governments.

The event held at Hiddo Dhawr, a cultural centre in Hargeisa, was broadcast and streamed live on radio and all social media platforms.

Ms Caroline Karobia, the editor BBC Somali, said: “We have achieved 60 great years of broadcasting and have made many improvements to keep up with our audiences.

“This is an exciting time for BBC Somali and with the recent introduction of Somali TV we are looking to engage with our audiences of the future.”

The Somali community globally, including Somali businesses, congratulated the media house for the pivotal role it has played in opening up Somalia to the outside world especially in attracting investors both international, local and Somalis in the diaspora.

For instance, Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshiil, a leading money transfer company, said: “The principles that BBC holds like impartiality, a trusted brand and its global reach have not only created awareness of the challenges facing the community in all corners of the world but also informed people of the opportunities and inspire possibility.”

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