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(Ghana) Young Entrepreneur Develops Rival Platform to YouTube

Young Black World on the Rise !

A Ghanaian teenager wanted to develop a video search engine that could challenge the dominance of YouTube. As Faith Lapidus reports, he’s well on his way.

Gabriel Opare is a 19-year-old student at The University of Ghana who has recently done something big with the founding of his own video search engine, Mudclo.com. The website has been described as almost “matching” giants like Google video search engine.

Mudclo collates results from many sources across the web. It is an online service that allows search and streaming of video content from multiple sources in one place.

Opare is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, however, he hasn’t let his love of technology go to waste. He has taken an active interest in web and graphic design which have resulted in Mudclo. Mudclo is among few video search engines in the world that do not serve as video hosting sites. While he will have fierce competition, Mudclo could go on to be massive, not only on the African continent but all over the world.

The University of Ghana describes Africa as the “new silicone valley of the world,” and looking at this amazing innovation and inventiveness, they just might be right.

Opare absolutely believes that Mudclo can go global, however, he makes the point that it is not the same thing as YouTube. “While YouTube is a video hosting website,” He says. “Mudclo combines the power of YouTube and two other video hosting websites in order to create Mudclo.”

So far, Mudclo’s most popular searches include adverts, music videos, and amateur content.

While Opare is an inspiration himself, he credits other Ghanaians as his inspiration. He says so because they are restless and eager to build businesses at a young age on a continent where opportunities are limited and unemployment is rife.


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