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Airtel Afro Beat Carnival by Soundcity Radio DJ Moti Cakes

African Dance Music from DJ Moti Cakes!


Download Link: https://bit.ly/2QLYPXA

ROG Music Africa Ambassador & Soundcity Radio DJ Moti Cakes is re-inventing African Dance Music as he teams up with Airtel Nigeria for the ‘Afro Beat Carnival’ mixtape series which premieres on Sound City Radio broadcasting from Nigeria, West Africa.  You can Stream & WIN amazing Airtel giveaways by connecting with DJ Moti Cakes on all social media platforms: @MotiCakes and commenting with the hashtag #DataIsLife.

The Afro Beat Carnival series is the ultimate party starter, this series features the most requested African vibes from Moti Cakes radio show and if you can identify all songs that have the #DataisLife tag you can win amazing prizes from @Airtel and @MotiCakes

You can catch the American On Air Personality DJ Moti Cakes on popular SoundCity radio show ‘No Chill Zone‘ both online and on dial 98.5fm in Lagos, Nigeria from 10pm. Moti Cakes has been at the heart of  innovative vibes and remixes on broadcast radio since 2016, which is why Sound City radio  boasts the number one DJ mix show in Africa!. Join Moti Cakes and fans for ROG festival giveaways at Scotch Bonnet Restaurant Lagos on January 1st and March 19th!

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