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(Nigeria) DJ Obi calls out the Nigerian party crowd, club owners and Radio stations

DJs will love this rant!

Dj Obi, the Nigerian disc jockey who broke a Guinness World Record in 2016 is not happy. He’s pissed with the system and general lack of respect for Djs.

In a lengthy piece shared on his Instagram page, he wrote;

‘THE CONTROL IS IN THE WRONG HANDS. The Nigerian party crowd is a lazy crowd, the club owner has too much control over the music, the big spender in the club has too much control over the music. THE NIGERIAN ARTISTS/ENTERTAINERS are selfish with their new tracks, they’ll rather break it thru an online blog or on the radio, THE RADIO STATIONS won’t even give the djs a voice on air or even let them play live. The radio stations I’ve applied to have said ” Don’t worry about always coming in, you can send in your mixes” THAT IS LAZY’.

‘The dj doesn’t want to be tagged a wack dj because ” the guy is always playing songs i don’t know” HOW ABOUT YOU HEAR IT FIRST AND JUDGE THE SONG AND NOT THE DJ??? Even the so called club promoters won’t book a dj that breaks new records cause they don’t want to risk their crowd leaving the club. This is why genre themed nights don’t work in Nigeria, if you play house music they tell you ” Don’t play that gay shit abeg” if you play dancehall or reggae ” My guy that one is for weed heads” if you play hiphop ” Guy abeg we dey Africa, give us what we want”……People want to see the big acts come to Nigeria, they want to see drake, Nicki minaj and all the others BUT DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND THEIR MUSIC THO??? AFTER THAT ONE HIT SINGLE, DO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER TRACKS??? DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM???…..Yes there are some wack sucker djs in lagos but some times you can’t blame them. HOW MANY OF YOU WOULD REALLY TURN UP TO A DJ THAT IS PLAYING DOPE TRACKS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW’.

‘If the girl you are dancing with at the club aint feeling it “This dj is wack”……I know how many nigerian artists i have asked to give me their instrumental or accapella so i can chop it up and bang out a dope mash up ” Ah! Baba i no get am” or they just won’t even respond to you. Some of them are afraid you will start making money from the song. EVEN ORDINARY DUBS ( when the artist remixes the song specifically for that certain dj by singing his name in the track) THEY WON’T GIVE , something that will extend the longevity of a song and keep it in rotation. THE LIST GOES ON BRO. I CAN KEEP GOING FOR HOURS…DON’T BLAME THE DJS, EMPOWER THE DJS..RESPECT DJS’.

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