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(Sudan) Angelina Jolie to Visit Khartoum for Historic Film Project

Lets bring Awareness to Sudan!

Khartoum — The American global movie mega-star, Angelina Jolie, will fly to Sudan on May 25th to get a firsthand information about historical sites in Kosh, Karma and Bejrawiah area, the cradle of Sudan’s ancient civilization, as part of shooting a film about the women who ruled the ancient Sudanese kingdoms known as “the Kandakah“, the President of the Union of the African Arab Digital Media, Engineer Azza Awad Al Karim revealed on Thursday.

Ms. Karim told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) following a meeting of the media preparatory committee that the international star will then come to the country a second time in November, when the weather is cooler, for starting the shooting of the film on those women who ruled the country, with the funding being provided by the Mursal network, a Qatar company.

She said it was agreed with Mursal company about shooting the documentary film titled “history begins from here” , about Sudanese archeological riches and that the film would cover all historical and archeological sites in northern Sudan’s’ Shamalia and Nahar Nile states, where most of Sudan ancient and historical monuments are found.

She said a delegation from the network paid a visit to the Sudan recently and held a number of meetings with officials, experts and archeologists to get a firsthand information about the films material from the original source of experts and based on historical fact and archeological discoveries.

A meeting was held at the head office of the Sudan News Agency SUNA, bringing Dr. Abdul Rahman Ali Mohamed, the General Manager of the Sudanese Antiquities and Museums Corporation, Ms. Azza of the Arab African Digital Medial, the Director General of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Awad Jadain, his Deputy for Editorial Affairs, Abdalla Jadallah, and the Director General of the Sudanese encyclopedia SUNDAPEDIA, Amal Abdallah.

Dr. Abdul Rahaman has meanwhile said the film is in a way a promotional material about tourism in the Sudan and will help disseminate information about the Sudanese ancient civilizations. He described this as an overture that would contribute in encouraging tourism which will have positive impact on sustainable economic development in the country.

It is to be noted that the Sudan News Agency SUNA has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Qatari Mursal network, a fortnight ago, on cooperation on news and information exchange.

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